Theexhibition is a permanent visual show, all sequences of which are played in aloop.

- Thevisual themes experienced:

- The Sea
- The Desert
- TheOasis
- The Modern City
- TheHeritage Sites
- TheUniverse (constellations)
- The Arts such as Calligraphy (poetry andmessages from the visitors)
- The Founding Father of theUAE- (Acircular time-line retracing the history of the UAE, the life of Sheikh Zayedand the ruling Family are all integrated into the railings).

Aviewing deck named as the “Belvedere” has been created for moments ofcontemplation and to see the overall setting.

Finally,in the centre of the Dome, a real sculpture of animated images has been set upand represents the very heart, the DNA of the exhibition. All values arerepresented via spectacular image loops.
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