A brand film that inspires and motivate investors other audiences ((prospective investors, current investors and their partners, operators, tourism delegations from around the world, general public, media representatives, sister companies within Tatweer family and Dubai Holding, suppliers and partners like DEWA, Dubai Municipality, etc...) and to give them a close to life experience to this destination.
Duration - 90 SECONDS – 3 minutes maximum
The film will encapsulate the positive impact that Tatweer development will have across the whole diverse range of the people that live in Dubai and how it will impact on the world as a whole. It will explore and encompass the melting pop of different cultures, nationalities and lifestyles within Dubai, which is already a vibrant city.

The aim would be to unite the people of Dubai to witness an outstanding performance of a boy following and shooting his golf ball across Dubai’s landmarks and locations which people can easily relate to.
The main idea is to see the journey of a boy hitting his golf ball through DUBAI and having the population interact with him by stopping to see what the boy is doing. We have two elements in one at this stage:

1) The boy playing golf which symbolizes the unique features of Mizin, being a golf course.

2) The community, which represents the lifestyle around the golf course and their reactions which illustrate amazement, curiosity, astonishment, inspiration and admiration. This is what builds interest in terms of having a unique branded golf course designed by the most renown golfer in the world.

The build up of these reactions create a peak to the story which finishes when we see the boy miss his swing and sending the ball into the bunker where he meets the legend Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is the Brand voice of this project and will be revealed in a way which will illustrate power, precision, leadership, father figure, top sportsmanship, determination, and most of all skill in mastering Golf.

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