Augmented Reality allowing in real time to view a masterplan or project landmark in action.  A dynamic and interactive device allowing visitors to access information about the project and having a different view from each of the binauculars.
Augmented reality screen giving the user a mobile (pivoting) screen) to scan the space they are in but overlaying a rendered or overlay of visuals and information/display to give an interactive and informative experience.  This is an outdoor device hence the shade and shape of a tree.
Interactive masterplan with augmented reality CR codes that provide information on the project as well as an LCD panel un the model creating a dynamic feel as well as stunning visual display of lights (for elements such as traffic, production chain or flow of information)
Interactive multi-touch screens as synchronized in s series to relate to a central theme.  IN this concept we focused on the production chain of a specific product taking the visitor on a journey from the raw material to the end product.  Each user has the flexibility and freedom to access any part of the production as well.
Brand Experience center.  3 set ups of kinect technology, a motion sensor detecting device, allowing visitors to view 360 panoramic images and videos through the movement of the arm and hands.  In doing so, the user may access different information (video, images and text) located as hot spots inside each panoramic.  A very immersive experience.
Private walk through displaying 10 winning images
Each photograph supported by a curtain (thin threads "spaghetti") backdrop of live film footage / location of each photograph
Sound Shower – Directional speakers deliver high quality, focused audio without disturbing the surrounding area

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