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Tatweer Food and Beverage Division
Brand Identity Study
Dubai, August 26, 2007
• Criteria for Judgement
The choice of the name defines the culture, strategy  and personality of the brand.
• Objective
To create  a name  for the division that will immediately identify  its area of activity and expertise:
- Original and exciting dining encompassing all consumer categories.
- The best quality products and services.
- A signature that will serve as a guaranty for all of the division’s brands and establishments.
- World class culinary institution.
• Tatweer’s Brand Architecture
The group’s current  brand-name architecture is composed of two principal directions:
- Business activities with descriptive names identified with Dubai:
Dubai Healthcare
            Dubai Energy
            Dubai Mercantile Exchange
- Business activities that use imaginary/suggestive names:
            Global Village
• Dubai
There is an essential resonance in the name of a city.
New York, London, Paris and Tokyo are names that unleash images and emotions in our minds that position the city’s principal added values.  For example, Paris=luxury/fine cuisine/high fashion,  London=innovative/style/fashion,  New York=finance/entertainment/music, Tokyo=design,fashion/modernity etc … 
The added value of Dubai as a modern world class city and business environment is an essential element in the new division’s name, as well as responding to one of the requirements of the briefing: to put Dubai on the culinary map.
• Name Generation
We have chosen two directions to research. Both are based on the principal of leading the reader to an immediate understanding of the business activity and establish an elevated stature in the food and beverage services industry: They are descriptive names and suggestive names.
• Descriptive Names
Names that define the business ventures…(additional text and names)
Dubai Food & Beverage Enterprises
Dubai Gourmet Enterprises
Dubai  Gastronomy Enterprises
Dubai Culinary Ventures
• Suggestive Names
Names that conjure up notions of nourishment and abundance…(additional text and names)
Cornucopia Dubai
Dubai à la carte Enterprises
Dubai Gourmet Horizons
Dubai Cultured Palate
• Visual Identity and Design
The following presentation is composed of a selection of names expressed in a variety of type styles and associated with graphic symbols.
When viewing these designs it is important to keep in mind that they are not the final visual identity, but rather conceptual illustrations of how the names and graphic combinations communicate:
-        the brand strategy
-        literal expression
-        reader comprehension
-        brand personality
-        corporate style
-        (refine this list…)
The selected name will be the subject of a through design study.
Each name/design presentation will be preceded by a text explaining the choice of the name and design approach…

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