Creative concept
An informative yet entertaining event
Mark the moment
Create a call to action that will make theguests remember this day

Create a strong theme around the SHAMS 1brand that can be exploited on all marketing, scenic and show elements of theevent
Create spaces and moments purposely toengage, inform, entertain the guests
Create a strong marketing campaign thatwill bring attention to the brand and the inauguration date
Showcase SHAMS 1 in different tiers:
- its core values
- the partners
- production of solar power
- history and future of theproject
SHAMS, means sun, SHAMS 1 produces useful energy from the sun. The question was: what is a perfect example of this that has a link to the type of energy being produced and for what purpose This exploits the metaphor of photosynthesis creating energy from the sun.

The Sun Flower:
Natural eco link and also the obvious link to the sun of the shape and color of the sun flower. How the Solar panel follow the suns raise as does the Sun Flower. How the energy from the sun allows for the element to take this sun radiation and transform it into something useful for our environment and lives.
The geometric shapes at the heart of the sunflower relates well to various elements of the brand:
Emirati patterns Technology A well structured company

A Parallel in the vehicle:
A comparison of transforming energy between the organic nature and the technologies created today. The shape: A circle - The natural cycle of life where all elements are intercon- nected: Sun, Plants, Humans. How the sun provide us energy, which allows us to live. How we use the sun to create clean energy which then allows our environment grow and provide us with the natural resources we need to survive (including oxygen)
A simple yet complete shape that give a balance and organic feel- ing which works well with the key factors of SHAMS 1 :

The color:
A gradual color/tone of yellow which gives the vibracity of the sun, the energy of the plant, and the excitement of the date of inaugu- ration.

The Tone:
Give a soft brand image. The result is clean energy through a nat- ural source of energy so the technology is only a vehicle but not the
main focus to the outcome of such a project. the results.

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