JBM was commissioned by Commverse in Qatar to conceptualize and produce an introductory interactive experience for the guests who would arrive on the QITCOM Vodafone stand.  The aim was to link the demos displayed on the stand with the Vision of Qatar and how both aim towards a common goal of creating a smart city living experience.  And through the interactive screen using an iPad, the guests would experience what the 2030 vision could potentially hold for the people living in Qatar.
Interactive Screen description:
Large Screen displaying Doha Map with an interactive time line. 
Each section of the map can be controlled using a tablet to change time line and other interactive options. 
A combination of different time lines can be displayed on the large screen. 
By 2030 people can be part of the development of Doha city. Different spots will light up on the map allowing people to choose and modify the look and shape of those specific locations in the city. 
Once that point is selected an image will appear where the user can play part in the development of that part of the city. 
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