Euphoria Light show
DIFF 2017 Opening
QITCOM 2017 Doha Qatar - QNCC
Generation 1
Abu Dhabi Plan
Luxury: Glowing Particles of Light
A New Direction
Dubai International Film Festival Opening Ceremony 2015
King Salman Inauguration Ceremony
Opening Ceremony of the King Abdulah Stadium in Jeddah
24th Men's Handball Championship Anthem Song
The Prophet "Good&Evil"
"The Mandoos" animated series.
SHAMS Concentrated Solar Power Plant LAUNCH CONCEPT
SHAMS Technology Animation Video
Arab Media Forum 2014
Freej Folklore
Emirates Aluminium Grand Opening
Magical Wedding
Abu Dhabi Awards 2013
Tawazun Economic Council
GSEC Awards for Excellence in Government Performance
ADGSEC Ramadan Gathering
Dubai International Film Festival 2012 TV commercial
UAE 40th National Day Bid
Dubai International Film Festival 2012
Cultural Experience
Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council Awards Event Proposal
TATWEER F&B Brand proposal
Baynounah Media Group Launch Proposal
Visual poetry
Gulf Film Festival Opening 2011
Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes Photo Competition 2009
The Corniche
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co 40th Anniv. Event Pitch
Arab Media Forum Proposal
AGEDI Worldwide Networking Event "Eye on Earth Summit"
Freej Folklore Dance
EAD Stand Design
AGEDI Visiodiagram
Calligraphy Interior Design
UAE DOME Concept
UAE National Day Parade
The Hour Glass
Dubai International Film Festival Opening 2007
Abu Dhabi Awards 2009
UAE Etisalat Pro League Awards Proposal
Wedding Production
JBM University Launch
Dubai Shopping Festival Bid
Tiger Woods Dubai Brand Film
Bastakiya Information Kiosk
Freej F1 Stand
Technology Concepts
Freej Arab Travel Market Exhibit Stand
Exhibition Conceptualisations
Sportaccord Bid 2009
Abu Dhabi Ports Company
Dubai International Film Festival 2010
Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes Photography Competition2009
Dubai International Film Festival 2009
Abu Dhabi Events Website Launch
Abu Dhabi Awards 2011
Dubai International Film Festival 2011
Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes Photography Competition2010
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