Slow music notes are heard so is the echo of glass particles (Like the sound in the Jadore Video shared) going from one side of the venue to another like a whisper. Center Stage will remain dim and all the focus will be on the sheer screens.The Patterns of the architecture slowly come to life on the screens as lit.
Keyword: Growth & Build up of Particles of Light
As the new architectural space is revealed & come to life, brightly lit by the small particles that make the architecture. They will slowly separate into scattered particles that come to form ornaments of florals and borders that start to grow so gracefully creating a flow of florals & petals dancing elegantly with the melody that is playing. Softly those particles start transforming into all the main characters of the performance that grow together to the bride’s reveal. 
All the particles start collecting slowly and moving gradually uplifting as if escalating to the ballroom ceiling and lifting with it the translucent screens with the sound of wind and drapes moving as an echo.The screens will be lifted gracefully once by one till the center projection screen vanishes with the particles into the mist kinda feeling.
Keyword: The Bride the source of Light
All Particles of Light will move slowly to the focal point of the reveal to form the “Source of Light” which is the Bride.The bride is revealed like a ferric apparition standing in the main grand escalier of a main hall. In translucency the bride is the source of light, like a diamond, that reveal the architecture behind her as she walks in slowly with the stairs.The stair will move to the audience allowing her to move down in the venue itself.
Ornaments and florals found in the architectural walls are what come to life as the
She pads slowly to the center stage. As she reaches it, the center stage start to turn slowly. (not clear) As soon as she reach the center of the stage, the stage slowly moves up.
The bride now stands above the audience. She trones. Slowly turning on her self showing the audience the magnificence of her dress
surrounded by the floating Gold Dust/Shimmer
While the bride was standing in the center stage, the couch as been discreetly bought into the place as well as the chandelier was bought down.
She now pads back to the stage from which she appears,
We see the magnificent couch standing under a magnificent chandelier in front of the infinite stairs. It's the time for the family and guess picture moment.

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