Objectives and Key Success Factors:
Inaugurate the smelter EMAL through a celebration and unique moment of reveal (using technologies) Highlight the importance of the joint venture between Mubadala and DUBAL
Accentuate the high technology aspect of the smelter Give insight to the origins of the project through the symbolic and meaningful history of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid meeting and unification of the Emirates, which EMAL became a direct example of this successful experiment. Emphasize the notion of Emiratisation Bring the importance of being environmentally aware Educate the guests how Aluminium is formed (production line and Fact & Figures) Create an exclusive VIP event Cater to all Protocol levels Provide a comprehensive event theme that can translate on all the above through one communication vehicle

Create a venue in line with the theme
Branding that reflects the values of EMAL and celebrates the inau- guration of the smelter Provide a 360 degree solution from the venue, services, produc- tion and management of the event and its guests.

The theme is based around Unity
Business: EMAL Country: UAE People: Emirates Nationals
All three have a common foundation coming from unity and the devel- opment through time from the moment if this joint power and energy. Whether to diversify the economy, lead a country into prosperity or to educate oneself to excel; in whatever life offerings people seek, we come to one understanding:
The work of many is more than the work of one. Without the sup- port of the nation, businesses and its people EMAL would not flourish to this day.



Based on a collaborative working experience
Branding for the event was based on the concept of the Molecular Structure of Aluminium and a fusion with Arabic pattern.  The theme of the event was used throughout the branding collateral such as; Signage, Flags, Invitations, Website, On-Screen, Badges, Exhibition Space, Carpeting, Furniture and Fencing
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