The concept had to be graphic becasue of the technicaue used.  An LED curtain with diodes spaced out at around 10-15 cm a high resolution image could not be created.  The immersive aspect as well had to be considered du to the 80 meters wide curtain.  Therefore, all the imagery had to be panoramic.  The journey is colorful, joyful and energetic.  The concept was based on the emotions and styles of film and the music plpayed a big role in emphasizing these points.
opening on a film role strip passing by
The sudden large sky tracers revealing the start
A soft emotional glamorous beginning on brand with the class of the Film Festival (gold palettes)
We then dive into the film to explore the genres and themes:
All these coming together as ribbons to reach the skyline of Dubai
A festive moment with fireworks
and the commencement of the 4th International Film Festival

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