- Conceptionand design poster
- Exe– final document,
- DeliveringCMYK File, PDF format – Adobe Illustrator CS3 to print A0 document
- Pictureright not included (earth)

Web Version

Variation of theposter illustration version to a version for dynamic web and an interactivedevice multi-user – multitouch screen.

CMS (contentmanager system) design and development. Our proposal includes the creation anddevelopment of a management tool for contents to the online version and theoffline version.

Generalstructure of navigation

- Web accessite
- Languagechoice (arabic, english)
- Introduction
- Displaytree - level 1 (inventory)
- Displayof filter
- Example (Localisation / Time (year) / Thematic / State at a given time (per month) / Fact sheet phase
- Keywordsearch
- Print

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