For the second consecutive year, JBM received the opportunity to produce the Abu Dhabi Awards ceremony, including 10 recipient video biographies over a four-month period. As part of the ceremony, JBM also designed a recipient hall of fame and the stage for the ceremony, which took place the Emirates Palace and was broadcast live on Abu Dhabi TV. For the first time, the Abu Dhabi Awards was celebrated in a style consisting of comfortable Majlis seating, creating an intimate and personal experience for the guests that was a true reflection of the Abu Dhabi Awards.
Branding for the event was based on the main identity of the awards but we added the theme of the event which was the meaning of Individuals who make up the awards.  In doing so  we created a light background of silhouette merging to create the tag line of the event called Goodness Knows No Limits.  The collateral included branding for the entrance, signage, banners, badges, registration, and on screen.

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