This Opening Video Sequence was produced for the Abu Dhabi Awards Ceremony in 2009.
The Abu Dhabi Awards are a biennial recognition ceremony established under the guidance and auspices of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, to recognize and celebrate compassionate individuals who have volunteered their time to build and support the community of Abu Dhabi.
A month long nomination period is open to the public, coinciding with Ramadan, where members of the community are asked to nominate unsung heroes that have selflessly touched the lives of other people in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi includes Al Ain and the Western Region. The nomination process involves simply filling out a form (available physically and online) with information on the nominator, nominee and the acts of goodness that the nominee has performed. Both nominator and nominee can be from any nationality and age group, as long as the deeds have impacted the people of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (either residents or citizens). There are no Award categories so the types of deeds nominated are unlimited.
Design and build a stage that accommodates for His Highness, the recipients, the MC, the entertainment, and the orchestra in the ballroom of the Emirates Palace
A stage that is in direct harmony with the theme statement.
A stage that resonate the essence that all participants are linked and joint together to participate to the overall well being of the society
A stage with good visibility, were all the talents should be seen, each one as it own place, surroun- ded by the generic theme of Abu Dhabi awards.
A stage that is not too busy, but still imposing in order to give importance to the people.
Light design will be created to give the mood of the room and space in line with the colours and theme statement
How to express the vision of His Highness How this event is a significant contributor towards the Abu Dhabi community and how it ties with the vision and mission of the Brand of Abu Dhabi.
Underlying values felt throughout the experience:
Hospitality in the Pre-Function area
Entertainment (fusion between culture and modernity)
Theme stage and table set up, design and colours On Brand
A harmonious connection with the individuals coming together creating a unified strength toward a greater good.
Each One is an action and contribution benefiting to the harmony of all.
The tag line acts as a signature of our theme and our design philosophy.
In Line with the notion of the ribbon of success, the light trail or the inner glow of each recipient of the Awards that reflects the brand.  This was also a theme used in the entertainment through light calligraphy performed on stage with a light calligraphy artist making the shape of the brand with the reveal of the word "Goodness".  All elements produced had a coherent unity to the event, whether print, live or on screen.
Branding conceptualisation
theme: ONE
As the centre piece of an action :
Because cultivating oneself’s inner values is the starting point for every great action
The evolution of the society is the direct translation of the evolution of each single member of the community
Each One, through his own action, yet humble, contributes to the overall harmony.
The action of One can make the difference for all.
One can make things different
Power of an Individual (ONE):
One can act for the benefit of all
One can benefits many
One can make goodness grow
One is all
One can make a heart glow
One can change many
There is nothing stronger than to dedicate oneself for the benefit of all beings and to Participated to the well being of the community Each gesture, Each thought can have powerfull consequences and action on the life of others Dedication to others, with humility is a direct sign of inner force and concern
Concept for the Hal of Fame
Design and build a “hall of fame” with pictures of former recipients outside the ballroom for a pre-event cocktail reception
Using the curves of the Stage Design > Modern Materials with the lines of calligraphy design > Fresh and spacious design with classy elegant feel
Previous stage designs
Give Away Gift Concept
The idea of community and how each individual is part of a bigger cause.

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