Julien and Benjamin Monie established JBM in London 2002 before they moved to Dubai to start JBM in the GCC region. Since 2004 JBM grew fast with the ever changing, exciting and ambitious city of Dubai. Working with some of the most high profile clients in the UAE and the region has earned JBM a reputation as one of the leading companies in the field of events management and production. 
JBM is a small agency where attention to detail and creating something unique is paramount to their approach. At the heart of JBM is their passion and creativity applied through storytelling, development and ultimately show creation. This has enabled them to create some uniquely engaging experiences where they’ve harnessed some of the best creative and technical expertise from around the world. 
Our sister company ‘JBM Sound Post’ is a Dolby Atmos Studio (the only one in the Dubai and the region). Focusing on sound design and mixing for film, television and any content that requires special high end recording. JBM Sound Post also composes and produces their own music and special effects. www.jbmsoundpost.com
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