UAE DOME Concept

“THE DOME OF UNITY” An Immersive space whereby visitors will share their thoughts and experience collectively the beauty and history of their nation. The staging of the exhibition is a quest for knowledge where the feelings of pride and belonging are omnipresent. The images of Sheikh Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed, the “father of the nation” , are present in all aspects of this experience. The design is based on the number “7” to represent the 7 Emirates, with 7 key destinations (vistas) of the environment which converge to the center to create a unified shape that represents the unification of all the Emirates. On the periphery of the DOME, a timeline path gives access for the visitors to experience the history of the Emirate to the modern date. From the founder of the Nation Sheikh Zayed, to the political, social, economical, environmental and geopolitical breakthroughs that, in time, became what the United Arab Emirates are today. Movements in space are numerous, with each visitor creating his/her own path through the visual panoramas. The Dome can be experienced as a whole via spectacular projections on its walls and via “image pools”. The experience also takes place close-at-hand with multi-touch tablets integrated into each bridge. Visitors will have the ability to share their thoughts in writing them on the multi-touch tables, which then will be displayed on the DOME. The visitors will also have the ability to follow the activities of the DOME through a web portal that will have real time webcams connected to inside the DOME allowing outside visitors to also participate.

Theexhibition is a permanent visual show, all sequences of which are played in aloop.

- Thevisual themes experienced:

- The Sea
- The Desert
- TheOasis
- The Modern City
- TheHeritage Sites
- TheUniverse (constellations)
- The Arts such as Calligraphy (poetry andmessages from the visitors)
- The Founding Father of theUAE- (Acircular time-line retracing the history of the UAE, the life of Sheikh Zayedand the ruling Family are all integrated into the railings).

Aviewing deck named as the “Belvedere” has been created for moments ofcontemplation and to see the overall setting.

Finally,in the centre of the Dome, a real sculpture of animated images has been set upand represents the very heart, the DNA of the exhibition. All values arerepresented via spectacular image loops.
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