Celebrate the 42nd national day of the country / Highlight the achievements of the country and its people in the past 42 years / Communicate the importance of Unity and its effects on the nation / Reinforcing national identity on various levels / Celebrate the nation’s diverse culture (dance, folk songs, poetry, customs and traditions) / Reinforce the sense of Pride and Affinity that is usually stimulated on that day / Celebrate the nation’s past and current leaders, highlighting their roles in the development of the nation / Create a sense of joy and happiness in the form of entertainment in which the visitor can easily relate to and interact with, creating a feel of personal inclusion / In a time of regional hostility, the UAE is sending a powerful message about unity and achievements /

JBM produced the 42nd UAE National Day in Dubai on December 1, 2013. An event for the Dubai Government to the people of Dubai celebration the 42nd UAE National Day.  Over 10,000 people attending to this outdoor event broadcasted live on nation television just after the announcement of the World Expo being awarded to Dubai and in the heart of the city at the foot of Burj Khalifa.  This one hour long theatrical spectacle showcased and celebrated the UAE heritage, culture and history through a mix of live performance, animation, projection, fireworks, water fountains and music.  the concept was based on Unity and celebrating a "Happy Nation" and the stage design was conceived to bring the audience close to the action and with a 360 view of the show.
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