Dubai International Film Festival 2010

The Dubai International Film Festival commissioned JBM to produce the Opening ceremony of the Festival. A stage performance was produced with live performers who interacted with visual displays on screen. A wide projection format was produced allowing for an immersive and spectacular display of motion graphics. The theme of Open Your Eyes was translated in showcasing various cultures and countries from the world and unifying them visually and sonically. The music fusion played a big role in illustrating the bridging of cultures.

The celebration of the 7th Dubai International Film Festival commenced with a spectacluar opening which JBM produced.  A combination of stage performances and live interaction with a 40 meters projection using a gause screen made it a magical and impactful opening.  The Concept was based on highlighting various continents while combining them to en with a unified vision of the Film Festival tag line: "Bridging Cultures and Meeting Minds.
Act 1: Diversity
highlight 4 visually distinct film markets (Africa, India, France & Mexico) by utilizing a combination of dancers in boxes and animation.
Act 2: Union
Convert the film markets into 4 main energy sources by having them on dance on the same tune (musical buildup).The individual energy sources will move in a fast circular motion in the middle of the screen, outlining the 2 faces of this year’s poster.The dancers fade away.
Act 3: Open your world
The 2 faces now converge together and we see a shared “third eye” out of which a strong light shines. the tagline “Open your world” now formulates and the music climaxes. once the poster is complete, the 4 performers fade in again for the final pose and the logo of the festival appear on the middle screen.
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