Arab Media Forum 2014

To create the future news room. How news reporters will be compiling their news from resources around the world. Today, we all want news now, the world is getting smaller and the measn of communication are reaching farther than ever. With social media and other media platforms, the choice of news is even greater than just the newspaper or TV. Today the access of news is so immediate that reporters need the fastest means of attaining the news yet keeping the sources as reliable as possible. This room showcased an interactive platform whereby the user would access in real time news from around the world from various live feeds such as, twitter, RSS, live footage, radio, reporters, satellite imagery and more. The experience was enhance by having a complete 360 video environment which would interact by the manipulations of the user accessing certain types of information. The result was a journey through space, time, information and technology. The experience finished with the ability to virtually broadcast from the room to the rest of the world allowing for the customized news chosen by the user to be sent out,

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